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Grain, Soybean Futures Gain

Grain, soybean futures gain on concern over Ukraine shipments, return of Midwest heat next week.

pC12 Banking on Biofuels 1
Germany Says Ag-Based Biofuels Not Only Way to Reduce Emissions

The European Union has agreed on a 7% cap for food-based biofuels. Germany is seeking to reduce that figure further.

30 Day Cattle Outlook (4/30)

History strongly suggests retailers will be buying beef quite strongly over the next six weeks.

California Drought Dry Riverbed 2009
Weather Extremes Hampering Canadian Planting Progress

Farmers in Canada are struggling to plant crops in fields that are either too wet or too dry in the Prairie provinces.

Major Brazilian Soybean Grower to Cut Fertilizer Use

One of Brazil’s largest farmers plans to reduce fertilizer use by a quarter next season, relying on more precise applications and soil testing to maintain crop yields, Bloomberg reported.

Higher Retail Meat Prices Will Test Consumer Demand

U.S. consumer demand for retail meat remains exceptionally strong despite higher prices stemming from increased production costs and supply-chain limitations.